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CON.CEA.LED is all about knowing what's going on, and doing what's best for you.

I am often praised for my ability to extensively research about a topic, analyse it from various angles, and piece together an eye-opening perspective.


It allows you, the reader, to step back and notice how everything influences you on a daily basis, and how you are contributing to these influences, without your knowledge.


And the best part is that, you are also given an easily implementable solution.

But what makes me capable of writing these immensely valuable blogs?

Being a designer, I have a distinct vantage point.


Designers understand a little bit of psychology, some art, some engineering, some economics, some code, some marketing, and strategically apply this knowledge to shape human behaviour. Some may say, we are jack of all trades. But at the same time, we are masters of designing experiences that are born out of critical and visionary thinking. It’s perhaps the only profession that requires the right brain and the left brain.

What is design?

Design is nothing but choices, that either inhibit, or promote certain actions. Every time you decide to preform one action over another, you have chosen a certain experience over another. If you look around, you are surrounded by choices either made by you, or the designer of the application, product, furniture, game, building, etc. These choices mould you into who you are, and what you repeatedly do.

You are designing your life constantly, but on a small scale compared to your environment.

As a designer, I am obsessed with how seemingly small choices can snowball into large phenomena. Designers apply these insights to create beautiful experiences that transform your life constantly. But the problem is that our thoughts and ideas are never shared with humans, the real benefactors. They get concealed inside our glossy portfolios. It’s not difficult to see why the general populace regards designers as fancy people, who just make things pretty, with no impact on their life whatsoever.

To bridge this gap, I started this blog in 2019 to spread awareness among readers on how design plays a crucial role in their life.

Now you can finally read important stories that matter, because this isn’t a usual curiosity blog that talks about interesting facts to know, but doesn’t change anything about how you live.

In case you missed it, here are some of the most appreciated blogs:

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  2. How Textile trade crumpled the Richest Empire into Poverty

  3. The Simplest Antidote to Capitalism

There’s a lot more to explore together about the world we live in – from privacy to sustainability.

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