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Most of your decisions have already been taken. Without your knowledge.

Learn what's going on, do what's best for you!

You must be aware of anything that affects you in every single step of your life, right? What if I told you, there's an ether that constantly controls and influences you from the smallest to the biggest choices?


The ether is design. 


Hi, I'm Srija Boora, a designer who considers the world as a concealed web of objects, systems, and cultures that each contribute to who you are, and what you do.


At a time when robots are awakening, we are mindlessly getting influenced and choosing a future that isn't in our best interest. This blog is an attempt to break away from ignorance.

Because only when you understand what's going on, you can choose in your best interest.

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These well-researched and beautifully written blog posts bring forth various aspects of our lives that have been influenced so deeply that we aren't even aware.


Discover the world around you.

Beautifully written post Srija.
We still have time to unite and give importance to our local manufacturers. I have used Khadi, so I know the quality. It sounds costly compared to international brands, but it lasts forever.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Shubhanshu Garg

Everyone has a opinion of how things should be, or how things could have been.

So, this section is to bring out our deepest thoughts and ideas.


It's time to voice your opinions.

Design creates culture.

Culture shapes values.

Values determine the future.

Robert L Peters

Have you ever got bored and got frustrated not knowing what to do?

If you are open to innovative and mind-boggling articles, videos and podcasts, this space is for you!

You'll never again think the same way.

It is said that a person's true personality reflects in the work they do.
Like this blog, my design work also exudes depth and thoughtfulness.
I am proficient at providing freelance services for creating creative designs(logos, websites, social media, etc) that grow your business.
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